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Maths should be an enjoyable and worthwhile subject for all pupils regardless of their perceived level of mathematical proficiency.

In Forms 1 to 5, maths classes are set by ability, which ensures that teaching can be tailored to the needs of the individual pupil. Those who require more support will get more support and the stronger mathematicians will have the chance to be stretched. With this in mind, our lower sets are considerably smaller than our upper sets allowing teachers to focus their efforts and give more time and attention to pupils who require it. All classes progress at roughly the same pace and differentiation is achieved by varying the depth of study within a particular topic area. At all stages of learning we strive to introduce concepts using an investigative approach and encourage pupils to develop their problem solving skills as well as improve their numeracy.

Textbook chapters, worksheets and other electronic resources are sent to pupils who store them on their iPads. Learning and teaching is enhanced by iPad apps such as TI-Nspire, DESMOS and Numbers, making the teaching of maths more dynamic and the learning more enjoyable.

Pupils are encouraged to take part in the various maths competitions on offer, which include UK Junior, Intermediate and Senior Mathematical Challenges, Scottish Mathematical Council Challenge, Mathematics Sans Frontier, plus the Enterprising Maths Team challenges.

Maths is a popular choice for pupils in Forms 5 and 6. In the final school year pupils have the choice of studying 3 different Advanced Higher courses in maths; these are Advanced Higher Mathematics, Maths of Mechanics, and Statistics. Many of our senior pupils use the knowledge and skills they gain in Form 5 and Form 6 to enable them to study university courses such as Maths, Engineering, Physics, Computer Science, Finance, Science and Medicine.