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House System

Every pupil is allocated to one of the four traditional School Houses – Airlie (Red), Aystree (Blue), Lindores (Old Gold) and Wallace (White).

School crest

Each of the four Houses is named after a significant individual or location in the School’s history: Airlie, believed to be named after the Earls of Airlie and the Airlie Estates; Aystree after the home of one of the School’s benefactors; Lindores after the Abbot and Monks of Lindores, who founded the Dundee Grammar School in 1239, to which we can trace our history; Wallace after William Wallace, the famous Scottish patriot, who is reputed to be a former pupil of the School.

All the members of one family will be allocated to the same House.

The House system strengthens the School community by providing a means to build links and friendships between pupils of different ages. This is facilitated through a range of different House Events, charity fundraising, and via a House points system which ensures that all pupils can contribute to their House's efforts to secure the prized House Shield that is presented annually at the year-ending Prize-giving ceremony. You can find out more about House Events here.

In the Junior Years, the House Points competition is contested on a weekly basis, with the announcement of the results a keenly anticipated highlight of each Friday's Assembly!