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Art & Design

The capacity to be creative is one of the most sought after skills in employment today.

In all aspects of life, individuals are now required to be cognitive thinkers. The ability to adapt and maintain a forward thinking approach is essential in so many every day scenarios. As a department, we try to introduce the Visual Arts in a manner that not only gives pupils experience of a range of exciting new techniques, but also fosters a mind-set that allows them to adapt and look at each new challenge with a sense of adventure.

The department has a hands-on approach at each stage from L4 to F6. In addition to the outstanding creative arts programme of work, the Junior Years teachers provide the L4 to L6 pupils with work from the Specialist Art teachers’ on a rota basis. Pupils in Forms 1 and 2 follow a two-period per week course for the entire session. Specialist courses, which lead to SQA awards, are introduced in Form 3. The courses on offer are National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, as well as a Form 6 Folio course for students who wish to apply to art college.

The Head of Department, Mr Kerr, is very ably supported by a highly motivated, dedicated team comprising of Mrs Angus and Mrs Cura. The staff are committed to maintaining traditional art skills, introducing pupils to innovative new technologies and promoting a love of the visual arts. In order to develop fully pupils’ learning experiences, the department not only provides the SQA courses but also a wide range of co-curricular activities: lunchtime clubs, gallery visits and specialist workshops. These activities help provide further inspiration and enjoyment and, in conjunction with class projects, can lead to a lifelong interest in Art and Design.