Euclid Ball

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Come join us at the Invercarse Hotel from 7pm on Saturday 20th April for our first ever Euclid Ball - an amazing night of food, drinks and music from ceilidh band Jiggered!

Tickets are £80 (includes a welcome drink and delicious 3-course meal).

Book a ten-person table for your entire group or choose tickets at one of our composite tables – either way, you’re sure to have a good time and make lasting memories.

This ball will raise money for the school and partygoers will have the chance to bid in our auction.

Simply fill in the form link here and we’ll send you a unique reference number and details of how to purchase your tickets within 2 working days.

Tickets will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis so don’t delay, reserve your place today!

We are also hoping that our supporters will be able to offer some amazing raffle or auction prizes. If you, or someone you know might be able to help please get in touch..

For all enquiries related to the ball and offers of prizes, please email Matteo Bell and Alex McGrory via . 

Thanks for your support.