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Core Values, Mission and Vision

We are a Community which inspires, empowers and supports our young people to realise their potential through our creative, vibrant, challenging and aspirational Integrated Curriculum.

HSD Core Values

Viewing each pupil as an individual we aim to identify and nurture their particular talents, foster and encourage them to find their voice and empower them to take responsibility with confidence and resilience.

The High School of Dundee is a ‘family of learners’ which fosters a culture of mutual support, celebrates achievement in all aspects of learning and development and equips our young people to change the communities in which they live and work for the better. 

Our pupils are positive realists who are intellectually inquisitive and confident to work with purpose and commitment to realise their potential.

Individual and collective wellbeing is at the heart of the School. This culture champions and celebrates difference and individuality as a means of enriching the community and puts the views and happiness of its pupils at the forefront. It is a community which delights in the success of others, acts with kindness at all times and values positive relationships and good humour as the basis for friendships for life.

Members of the High School of Dundee family value the unique education that the School provides. They promote and support their school, maintaining their connections and friendships and working together to enrich and develop the School moving forward.