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WSIP Priorities

Improvement Planning at the High School of Dundee

At the High School of Dundee, we are a community which inspires, empowers, and supports our young people to realise their potential through our creative, vibrant, challenging, and aspirational Integrated Curriculum.

Viewing each pupil as an individual we aim to:

  • Empower them to take responsibility with confidence and resilience
  • Identify and nurture their talents
  • Foster and encourage them to find their voice

Our Core Values underpin the aims of our School and therefore form the basis of our Improvement Planning programme.

The Whole School Strategic Plan sets the over-arching priorities for our School’s improvement in the medium to long term. It is the basis for all other School Improvement planning processes.

The Whole School Improvement Plan indicates the areas for improvement across all sections of the school. It is shared with parents and pupils in an abbreviated and accessible format and with staff in this more detailed format. This document is the working plan, in the identified time period, for the Senior Years and, where appropriate, for the whole school.

The Junior Years Improvement Plan is the working plan for the Junior Years. It contains more details of specific Junior Years targets and tasks, which are summarised in the Whole School Improvement Plan.

The Guidance Improvement Plan is the working plan for the Guidance team. It contains more details of specific initiatives to develop pastoral care in the Senior Years and, where required, across the Whole School.

Departmental Improvement Plans have been drawn up to support the improvement work of Senior Years Departments. These all include a priority relating to Learning and Teaching and, where appropriate, cross reference to the Priorities of the Whole School Improvement Plan. Improvement Plans also exist for critical non-academic areas such as Staff Wellbeing and Charities &Community Outreach.

The Nursery Improvement Plan is the working plan for the Nursery. It contains more details of specific Nursery targets and tasks. This Improvement Plan and a Standards and Quality Report are shared with Dundee City Council on an annual basis.

Whole School Improvement Plan 2022-24: Key priorities

Priority 1 To develop current Learning and Teaching approaches across our School community in order to create a learning environment, from Nursery to Form 6, that develops emotional intelligence, STEM innovation, creative design thinking and enterprise training which will equip pupils with the key problem-solving skills for tomorrow’s workforce.
Priority 2 To review our use of Mobile and Fixed Devices to ensure that digital technology has maximum impact on Learning and Teaching across our School.
Priority 3 To review all relevant policies to ensure an appropriate, consistent and effective approach to supporting colleagues and pupils across the School.
Priority 4 To continue to develop communication across the HSD community to ensure that our staff, pupils, and parents are fully informed and have all relevant information to hand.
Priority 5 To plan for a sustainable and financially secure future where our school is responsive and resilient to change.