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History of Prizes

The School takes great pride in its tradition of celebrating the achievements of its pupils in a variety of fields of endeavour.

History of Named Prizes

Every year, during the end-of-session prizegiving ceremony, many awards are presented to pupils in recognition of their accomplishments, dedication and talent. Some of these prizes have been awarded for over a century, while others have been donated by more recent benefactors.

In 2015 the decision was taken to abolish gender-specific prizes for academic achievement. The F1 - F5 Dux awards have been reassigned, with the older prize now being awarded for Dux and that of more recent standing for Proxime Accessit. Prizes associated with sporting endeavour are unaffected by these changes and will continue to be differentiated.

The School has produced a document detailing the history behind as many of these Named Prizes as possible, providing both an interesting historical record, and an illustration of the lengthy traditions of excellence which the School strives to promote. We should be glad to hear from anyone wishing to offer additions or amendments to the document, so that it can continue to contribute to the sense of community and of shared pride in endeavour which characterises the High School family and whose traditions we are proud to uphold. 

Download a copy of HSD's History of Named Prizes.