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Mentoring and Peer Support

The support that our pupils can provide for one another is something that we value and foster as a precious characteristic of the High School family approach.

We seek to celebrate this positive support whenever we see it and mentoring and peer support goes on informally every day in our community.

Mentoring and peer support

More formally, at every point of entry new pupils are given a ‘buddy’ from within their own peer group to help them settle in comfortably and make new friends.

We also have a well established programme whereby Form 6 Mentors provide direct support for Form 1 pupils. Involved throughout the induction and orientation process, Form 6 Mentors are central to ensuring that the transition to Senior Years is as smooth as possible. They volunteer for the role and undergo initial and ongoing training to ensure that they have the skills to respond to concerns in the best way.

Form 6 pupils are also involved in supporting and mentoring younger pupils through the Learning Skills Department, Junior Years classes and our new Wellbeing Prefect initiative. These are invaluable, worthwhile opportunities for both Form 6 members and our younger pupils, and are a popular feature of the High School Form 6 experience.