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You Can Make A Difference

Our School aspires to be able to offer a place to any pupil, regardless of their financial circumstances, but the reality is the demand for bursaries is higher than the funds that we have available.

Bursaries have enabled the School to nurture the talent of some amazing young people over the years, and the Foundation have helped contribute towards this support through their fundraising and grants to the School.

As you may know, a High School education ensures that our young people leave us with more than just a piece of paper in their hand. Our young people set off on their future paths with a set of skills and confidence to be able to take on the challenges of our ever-changing world. If our Core Values resonate with the quality of education that you have received, you will appreciate the importance of these skills and experiences in the world today.

"We currently provide financial support to around 17% of our Senior Years' pupils but the High School of Dundee Foundation wants to open access to many more talented young people, regardless of their financial circumstances. By supporting our Hearts of Gold Campaign we can together make a real difference to a young person's life and support the game-changers of tomorrow."
Mrs. Sheena Leadbitter, Foundation Committee (Chair)

We recently appealed  to our alumni community under the banner 'Your Story Counts' and asked them to share stories of their time at the School, with a particular focus on those who may have received financial support and how a High School education might have helped prepare them for the years ahead. You are able to read our selection of stories by clicking here.

It has been truly heart-warming to hear how the gift of a High School of Dundee education has had such a transformative impact on so many of our Former Pupils in a variety of different ways and we would love to be able to support even more young people for generations to come.

Perhaps you yourself received financial support during your own education and are considering giving something back. Or maybe you've been touched by reading the powerful story of one of our bursary recipients. Whatever the reason, contributing towards bursaries or leaving a legacy is a fantastic way to leave your mark on the world and to make a difference to the lives of others.

It's easy to associate philanthropy with being 'wealthy' but all donations, no matter their size, can help to transform the lives of our young people and create a legacy that we can all be proud of. By making a donation, you will become part of the community of Donors who fully understand and value our school's capacity to advance the next generation.

Our Development Office would welcome the opportunity to discuss Bursary funding with you. Please e-mail for further information or for a discussion with our Head of External Relations and Development, Mrs. Alex McGrory.