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Originating in the very distant past on 1 October 1834 the Main Building, most popularly known as the Boys' School or the Pillars, opened its doors to pupils thanks to contributions to a building fund from an organisation formed in 1830, known as The Subscribers. 

The Subscribers subsequently gave way to The Patrons in 1988, and then in 2008 a new name was adopted - the Friends of the High School of Dundee. The principal purpose of the Friends is to provide support to the School in whatever way that they can, predominately through fundraising. 

Resurgent activity has seen the establishment of the annual and highly enjoyable Drive for Dough golf tournament which is hosted by the very hospitable Scotscraig Golf Club. Recently, there have also been a number of other events including a superb concert by Stephen Varcoe and a Musical Supper, with entertainment provided by Downfield Musical Society.

Other events that Committee Members have organised include a gin tasting and a pub quiz. Beyond these, the plans are to arrange a large variety of events which are all aimed at providing direct support to the School.

Membership to the Friends is subject to Committee approval but is free and open to anyone with a vested interest in the School. The Friends also have the responsibility of nominating and appointing a total of six Directors to the School.

Should you be interested in joining the Friends in their efforts, please reach out to the Chairman, Ken Andrew, using the contact information detailed below:

E-mail:  kga@scot-int.com