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Aims and Objectives

The High School of Dundee Foundation was established in 2000 as a registered charity (Charity number SC030842). The Foundation has a number of objectives all intended to provide support for the promotion and development of excellence in the educational provision at the School.

The primary objectives which the Trustees are currently pursuing are:

  • To raise funds to assist the School to provide opportunities for children to benefit from an education at the School by offering financial assistance in the form of means tested bursaries where attendance would otherwise not be possible;
  • To raise funds to assist the enhancement and development of facilities and equipment that support the quality of educational provision at the School.

In the past 15 years, through the generosity of Former Pupils, Parents, Staff, Friends and Supporters, the Foundation has contributed toward the cost of constructing Mayfield Sports Centre, the all-weather pitches at Dalnacraig, and the purchase of the Former Post Office building, none of which would have been possible without the kindness of our Donors and loyal Supporters. This is in addition to an annual grant made to the School in support of the Bursary Fund.

Although a separate entity from the School, the Foundation Trustees are supported administratively by the School's Development Office.

If you would like to support The High School of Dundee Foundation then please visit our Ways to Give page.