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Nurturing and inspiring our young people to thrive

Rector Lise Hudson

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Today’s world is a challenging one and the opportunity for a school to provide a pupil experience that inspires, motivates and above all supports and nurtures has never been more important.

At the High School of Dundee our goal is to enable and empower our young people to thrive and realise their own unique potential by creating an environment that ignites curiosity, embraces bright ideas, fosters creativity and values challenge not as something to fear, but as the ultimate learning device. 

We’re very proud of our heritage and traditions – the school was founded in 1239 – but we use this as a platform to look up to what is possible and out to our horizons locally, nationally and globally. We are a community that aspires to have a positive impact, individually and collectively.

Emotional intelligence is the most crucial capacity required to succeed in the world in which our young people are growing up and we believe passionately in the central importance of the pastoral dimension. Our Integrated Curriculum therefore interweaves this with academic endeavour and co-curricular participation to provide a genuine all-round education with the pupil at its heart.

Underpinning all that we do are our Core Values, a set of guiding principles which equip our young people to take responsibility with kindness, compassion and an open, fair-minded outlook so that they can make a difference in the communities in which they live and work.

Our passionate and caring staff aim to get it right for every child in our care, nurturing, inspiring and supporting them to find what makes them tick and reach their potential.

In the words of TS Eliot: “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” Our ambition is to ensure that voice will be our pupils’.

We would love to welcome you into our HSD Family to see the school ‘behind the pillars’. You can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

Lise Hudson, Rector High School of Dundee