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Nursery FAQs

What is the child to staff ratio?

How many children can the nursery have in a session?

Do the 3 and 4 years olds play together?
Yes, the children play together all day and can mix freely.

Will my child have a key person?
Yes, but as we operate as one big room they will get to know all of our staff and form other close relationships too.

Do you have a uniform?
Yes, our children wear a Nursery navy polo shirt and red sweatshirt which is available from the Stevensons website and your own choice of trousers, shorts, skirt and shoes.

Do children play outside every day?
Yes, we have a large garden area and our playrooms each have doors which open directly on to this. We also have access to the school's extensive sports pitches and facilities meaning that large, physical play is an enormous part of each nursery day.

Do all of the children move on to the High School of Dundee? 
Each year a large group of children move from our nursery in to L1 at the High School. However, children also move to other local primary schools and we may have children going to between 5 and 10 different schools.

Do you have a high turn-over of staff?
We are very fortunate to have a very settled staff team, many of whom have been with us since we opened in 2014 or joined us since.

My child is learning English and speaks another language at home, will this make nursery difficult for them?
We have many families who speak two or more languages so this is not unusual in our nursery. In general the children don’t find this difficult and various aspects of the nursery environment support their English language skills to develop quickly in a very natural way.

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