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Quarantimes/Term Times

Welcome to QuaranTimes, HSD's Lockdown Newsletter: by pupils, for pupils!

(STOP PRESS!: From 25th September, the publication has a new name - The Term Times!)

Packed full of features ranging from baking recipes, to staff interviews and tips on staying active, the publication was started during Covid-19 lockdown by a team of Senior Years pupils, led by Malavikha Sudarshan. 

She says, "We wanted to start a student-led publication which we hope will be useful for pupils while we are all in lockdown. It’s main aim is to allow our fellow Senior Years pupils to see what we are getting up to during quarantine, and possibly inspire them to take up a new skill, reach out to others and to stay calm."

If you'd like to contribute to the publication, the editorial team would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Malavikha or Head of English, Mrs Tavendale.  

QuaranTimes/Term Times comes out on a Friday. You can find the latest editions below: