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Business Education

The Business Education Department is a popular and growing department that aims to produce enthusiastic, motivated, and creative pupils who can make sense of the business and economic world around them.

We strive to ensure our pupils have the knowledge, skills and attributes to thrive in the future business environment. We do this through engaging teaching that focuses on getting the best out of our learners through a range of activities to suit all learners. Real world context is always at the heart of what we teach.

In Forms 1 and 2 our Enterprise Skills course allows pupils the chance to work on real-world projects with local businesses building core skills that they can apply to all the subjects in school and in their chosen career paths.

Pupils can study both National 5 Economics and Business Management starting in Form 3 and continuing into Form 4. Higher Business Management and Higher Economics is available in Form 5 either as a continuation from National 5 or as a crash Higher. They can also take crash Highers in Form 6. Beyond Higher, our pupils can take Advanced Highers in both subjects in Form 6.

Co-curricular enterprise activities are also available to all pupils in the school regardless of whether they take Business or Economics courses. All trading activities within the department are for Social Enterprise and are designed to develop entrepreneurial skills. Form 1 and 2 pupils can take part in Enterprise challenges throughout the year. In Form 3 pupils can join an enterprise club where they can produce a business plan and then put it into action. Across all year groups we run a Business and Economics Film and Debate club where pupils can watch films covering a range of issues and then debate them.