House Competitions

House competitions

The House system, under which all pupils in the Junior and Senior Years are allocated to one of the four traditional School houses - Airlie, Aystree, Lindores and Wallace - strengthens the School community by providing a means to build links between pupils of different ages.

House netball

This is achieved via regular inter-house events, charity fundraising, and the system of awarding House points, through which all pupils can help their House to secure the prized House Shield, which is presented annually at the year-ending Prize-giving ceremony.

Points can be earned through academic achievements, commendations and acts of service to the School, as well as through the numerous House events which take place throughout the year. These include sporting contests, debates, enterprise challenges, music competitions, and various other academic, creative and ad-hoc challenges, with the variety helping to ensure that all pupils feel they have the chance to make a worthy contribution to their house.

Often the events are managed by the pupils, helping to develop their organisational, planning and teamworking skills.