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Our Integrated Curriculum

Our Integrated Curriculum is the overarching term that refers to everything that we do at the High School of Dundee.

Integrated Curriculum

What do we mean by our 'integrated curriculum'?

It is our vision to join together and integrate fully, in a consistent, coordinated and imaginative way, all areas of learning and teaching throughout the school, from Nursery to F6. We aim to do this by offering a wide programme of curricular opportunities, co-curricular activities along with highly developed and supportive pastoral care. 

Our ultimate aim is to to provide a cohesive, genuine all-round education with the pupil at the heart.

Underpinned by the School's Core Values, the Integrated Curriculum aspires to develop in our young people six main qualities which are essential not only for their time at school but also as they come to take their next steps in life - in further education or beyond.

They are: Articulacy, Analytical Thinking Skills, Creativity and Enterprise, Ethical Values, Leadership, and Teamwork.

The over-riding principles which underpin this Integrated Curriculum are therefore rigour and excellence, challenge and enjoyment, breadth, progression, depth, personalisation and choice, coherence, relevance, and lifelong learning.