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Inspection Reports

As with all schools in Scotland, the High School is inspected by HM Inspectorate of Education (HMIE), which is now part of Education Scotland.

Our most recent inspection took place in November 2015 in the form of an HMIE QUIPE (Quality Improvement and Professional Engagement) visit.

Following discussions, feedback and work with staff, parents and pupils throughout the School, from Nursery to F6 (S6), the inspectors issued a report which gave the School a strong official endorsement of its ability to ensure continued improvement in the quality of education which it provides for its pupils. You can read the report here.

Prior to that, the most recent full inspection took place in December 2007, and the findings were published in April 2008. Overall, the inspectors found that the High School provides pupils with "a very good standard of education and pastoral care". It also found that "attainment was very good" as were partnerships with parents and the community.

The Nursery underwent its first official inspection by the Care Inspectorate in September 2015, receiving the second highest possible rating in each of the four areas which were under review.

In their report, inspectors ranked the quality of care and support, the quality of environment, the quality of staffing, and the quality of management and leadership as 'very good'. You can read the full report here.

In May 2019, the Nursery received a further glowing assessment following an unannounced visit by the Care Inspectorate.

For its Quality of Management and Leadership, the Nursery received the highest grading possible – Excellent – while for its Quality of Care and Support, it received the second highest grading possible – Very Good. You can read the full report here.