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The process of choosing the right school can feel daunting for many parents.

We recognise that and that's why we warmly invite you to sample the School for yourself. A visit to the School will allow you to picture if this is the right environment for your child and a place in which they can thrive.

Come and visit us and get a taste of our inspiring, all-round education and the welcoming environment in which it takes place. Ask us any questions you might have, and be confident that your child's education is in the best possible hands.  

During the January 2021 lockdown our Admissions department remains open and we are looking forward to hearing from you.  If you are thinking of joining us during our online learning period or at any point in the future you can be sure of a very warm welcome.

Although we are not able to arrange physical tours at this time, we will be delighted to share with you our Junior, Senior and Nursery Virtual Tours. These provide you with a chance to hear from pupils, staff, parents and former pupils about our school.

For more information about how to join during lockdown or at any point in the future please contact the Admissions department at admissions@highschoolofdundee.org.uk  

Home Economics

You can visit us during our annual Open Morning, or arrange an individual tour for you and your family during a normal school day. Each offers a slightly different perspective on life at the High School.

Individual Tours

Individual tours of the Junior and Senior Years can be arranged for your family during term-time. A member of staff will accompany you on a tour of classrooms and key departments and answer any questions that you may have allowing you to build a picture of our normal working day and witness first-hand the interaction between teachers and pupils.

Open Morning

Our Open Mornings give you the chance to tour the school, meet pupils and staff, take part in activities and ask any questions you might have. Every year, we hold an Open Morning on a Saturday towards the end of September, with any further events announced on the website and advertised in the local press. Our next Virtual Open Morning takes place on Saturday 20th March 2021 - find out more. And don't forget, if you miss one of our events, we'd be delighted to welcome you for a tour of the school on another day.

Taster Days  

Individual Taster Days in our Junior and Senior Years can be arranged during term time. This provides your child with an opportunity to spend time following their buddy's timetable for the day. Where possible we tailor the day to suit your child's interests and they are paired with a similar buddy.

If you have any questions about applying for a place, or if you require any further information, our admissions team is always delighted to help.