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2018 / 19 Officials

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Mr. Ken Andrew

Chairman of the Friends

Completing his secondary education by the end of his first term during his first year, Ken left the school in 1959 to become a boarder at Robert Gordon's College in Aberdeen. Following on from this, he went on to study Chemistry & Maths at University which subsequently led to careers in the chemical and textile industries. Some years later, Ken was appointed Managing Director of J T Inglis, a Dundee based textile processing company. Fast forward to 2018 and Ken is currently staving off retirement by working as Production Manager for The Whisky Sauce Co Ltd. In his spare time, Ken enjoys a variety of sport including golf, he is also a keen choral singer and has served 40 years on the Committee for the DHS FP Rugby Club, being President for 8 of these years.

Board of Directors Image

Mr. Brian Cram

Treasurer to the Friends

Attending the High School of Dundee from 1953 until 1966, Brian very much enjoyed his time at school. He was an active player of rugby and cricket, and a member of the CCF. Going on to study Economics at the University of Edinburgh saw Brian gaining a BSc before coming back to Dundee and joining Moody Stuart & Robertson CA, whose offices were coincidentally situated directly across from the school. Brian was a participant in the FP Rugby Team for many years and married his childhood sweetheart and fellow classmate, Patricia. They have one daughter, Zoe and a granddaughter Lucy. Brian has been a part of the school's Board of Directors and a member of the Friends for some 18 years now. In his spare time, Brian enjoys fishing, rotary and spending quality time with his family.