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Health & Food Technology

Health and Food Technology education specialises in practical learning experiences through the integration of skills and knowledge that are applied to authentic work and home/life situations.

Our economy will continue to be driven by globalization, demographic shifts, and technological advances. These will create highly competitive, rapidly changing work environments for the next generation. Through studying Health and Food Technology students are empowered to become informed members of their communities, developing practical skills and gaining essential life and transferable skills for future study/employment. Through practical activities pupils gain experience of decision making, they learn to consider and respect others and they develop values and a sense of responsibility. In promoting equality, inclusion and fairness, pupils develop healthy self-esteem and resilience which lays an important foundation for successful learning.

With a strong emphasis on practical cookery senior pupils enjoy the subject from S1 to S6, at which point they return for a refresher "Student Cookery" life skills course in preparation for taking the next step post-school. National 5 Hospitality, Practical Cookery offer pupils in S3- S4 the opportunity to hone their practical skills as they work towards demonstrating a range of food preparation techniques as well as obtaining the REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene certificate. Pupils very much enjoy the practical element of the course where an array of skills are learnt. Higher Health and Food Technology allows for progression and also welcomes new pupils to the subject. The Higher Health and Food Technology Course addresses contemporary issues affecting food and nutrition, including ethical and moral considerations, sustainability of sources, food production and development, and their effects on consumer choices. Learners analyse the relationships between health, food and nutrition, and plan, make and evaluate food products to a range of dietary and lifestyle requirements.

The department is fully resourced with all facilities required for a modern, forward thinking department. ICT is fully incorporated in all learning and teaching through the use of iPads and changing technology. Pupils are given opportunities for work experience through links with industry and other food agencies.

Pupils are challenged and stimulated at all stages from age 5 to 18.  L1 & 2 plant, harvest and cook with potatoes, L3 study Egyptians and make flat breads.  L5, L6 and L7 enjoy timetabled practical cookery lessons throughout the year as part of the curriculum.  

Enterprise is encouraged through participation in co-curricular activities and outside initiatives, including Charities activities. Pupils are encouraged to participate in local and national cookery competitions and a number of pupils have achieved great success e.g. Future Chef and Rotary Young Chef. We have been crowned for 3 consecutive years as winner of 'Dundee Baker of the Year'. Pupils can elect to partake in Social Enterprise Enrichment and Student Cookery in F5 & 6.