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Classical Studies

The study of Latin and Greek gives an insight into all modern European languages, and is proven by recent research to improve logical thinking, in sciences and maths, and literacy in English. Classical Studies is the opportunity to study the culture and history and ideas of the civilisations that formed modern Europe.

All pupils in S1 will study Latin as part of a carousel of languages. Thereafter Latin is taught throughout the school to Advanced Higher level. Classical Studies is taught to all pupils in S2 and can be studied again to Advanced Higher level. A few pupils also study Classical Greek in S5 and S6.

The department is staffed by two full time teachers Edmund Faulkes, Head of Classics, and Anastasia Lazani.

Each year at Easter the department organises a popular trip to Italy open to all S2 pupils, which visits Pompeii, Herculaneum and the sights of Rome. Other trips have included weekend adventures on Hadrian’s Wall and visits to the Roman collections of the National Museum.