Combined Cadet Force


The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is a disciplined organisation in which boys and girls develop, by means of a varied training programme, not only leadership but also the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, self-confidence, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance, teamwork and effective communication, as well as enhancing their personal and social development.


The CCF also gives the individual a greater awareness of the outdoor environment and a sense of community. As a voluntary organisation, self- discipline and responsibility assume great importance.

The CCF training syllabus is both challenging and diverse. There is a mixture of traditional military skills such as drill, weaponcraft, shooting and obstacle courses, as well as outdoor pursuits such as rock-climbing, kayaking, canoeing, sailing and mountain biking. Other activities include survival training, martial arts and teambuilding activities. Membership of the Contingent is voluntary but regular attendance is expected and an annual fee is levied on all cadets each session as a contribution towards training and transport costs. An additional fee is also levied for those cadets attending Annual Camp or taking part in Adventure Training Expeditions.

Pupils join as recruits at the start of Form 2 and there is a Recruit Camp, which all recruits must attend, held at Barry Buddon Camp during the week immediately prior to the October holidays. Vacancies in the Recruit Company are limited and those pupils applying who have had an exemplary school discipline record will be given priority. In the interests of the safety of everyone concerned, and due to the potentially hazardous nature of some CCF activities, the CCF must reserve the right to refuse membership to those pupils who have shown that they have difficulty in exercising self-discipline while at school. The same would apply to those who have had difficulty with behaving appropriately or relating to authority in school.

CCF Centenary

In February 2018, the School's CCF celebrated the 100th anniversary of its first ever parade. To mark the special milestone in the group's history, the School staged a special CCF Centenary Parade, during which the contingent was inspected by the Guest of Honour, and one of the most senior Army officers in Scotland, Colonel Stephanie Jackman MBE TD, Assistant Commander 51 Infantry Brigade and HQ Scotland. 

You can read all about the event here.