The High School of Dundee Pillars


The High School of Dundee is a global leader in the use of technology for learning and teaching, at the forefront of educational practice, innovating in the classroom with the use of one-to-one devices.



Our campus wide Wi-Fi network offers secure, high-speed Internet connectivity to all staff and pupils. Pupils from L6 to Form 6 use iPads as part of their everyday learning in the classroom, with pupils in L1 to L5 having access to shared class sets of devices.

Due to the pervasive nature of technology in modern society, it has become a basic requirement that all of our pupils have confidence and competence with digital technology in order that they are prepared for life beyond school. Computers have been used in education for a many years, but placing personal devices into the hand of pupils revolutionises this aspect of learning. Our pupil-centric approach to utilising technology in the classroom encourages and supports our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning.

Our pupils engage with technology throughout their school day, when appropriate to the learning activity at hand, developing their creative and enterprising talents while learning how to navigate and communicate via the Internet effectively and safely. The iPad is not simply an electronic textbook, although some subjects do deliver their texts in this way, or a means to access web pages; rather it is a mechanism for pupils to express their learning and creativity - they use the iPad to plan, research, record, and communicate their work, by writing, drawing, creating animations and videos, recording music, and writing programs.