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To apply for a place in the Junior (P1-P7) or Senior (S1-S6) Years please:

  • Complete our online application form below. When you click on the Submit Application button, you will be directed to pay the £100 registration fee securely online - please note that your application cannot be processed without completing this section.
    After you have completed the payment, please email with details of the date your registration fee was paid together with a copy of your child’s latest school report and a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport.    

Please note that the deadline for bursary applications for August 2024 entry has now passed.

If you are not a British citizen, please also download and complete our International Applicant Form, return it to our Admissions Team and ask to see a copy of our International Applicant Policy

If you would like to arrange a tour or simply chat about our admissions process, please email our Admissions Team at or call 01382 202921.

We will always be in touch with you promptly after we receive your application, or when you email us. Please be sure to add to your email whitelist/safe-senders list to ensure our reply reaches you. If you haven't heard from us, please check your junk/spam folders. 

Applicant Details

The School may request to sight the original birth certificate or passport as evidence.

(eg August 2022)

(eg P3/L3, S1/F1)

If you answered "No" please also complete our separate International Applicant Form in addition to this form.

School/Nursery history

Please enclose a copy of the applicant’s latest school report or assessment (not applicable for L1 entry)

The personal data you provide on this form will be used as part of the Admissions Process and will be transferred to the pupil file if the applicant enrols. Please refer to our Privacy Notice.

Parental responsibility

First Parent/Guardian

(if different to applicant)

(incl code)

Second Parent/Guardian

(if different to applicant)

(incl code)

Email and postal correspondence will be addressed to both those named above. Postal correspondence will be sent to the applicant’s home address unless otherwise directed. Please give any special instruction here:



Please give details of any sports, hobbies or activities the applicant enjoys or is interested in taking up.

School connections

Do you have a connection to High School of Dundee?

Special circumstances

Are there any other circumstances of which the School should be aware which will allow us to best support your child during the application process and once enrolled at the school?

Are there any other circumstances of which the School should be aware which will allow us to best support the learning needs of your child during the application process and once enrolled at the school? If your child has received support from other agencies such as Educational Psychology, CAMHS, Speech & Language therapy etc, please provide further information and a copy of any Educational Psychologist or agency reports.

Other information

What are the main reasons for joining at this stage in your child's education (eg learning support need, wider subject choices, exam results relocation to Dundee area, forming friendships...)

Where have you seen our brand recently and have you heard about us from other High School of Dundee families?

Please tell us which other schools you are considering. This information will be used only for the purposes of analysis and will not be considered as part of your application.

Tuition fees

The High School of Dundee offers a limited number of Bursary places, primarily to pupils applying for entry to Form 1 (S1). Bursaries are awarded on the basis of academic performance in the Entrance Assessment, as well as on financial need. If you wish to apply for a Bursary, you should request a Bursary Application Form by ticking the Bursary box below by 31st October for entry the following August. A Bursary application form will be sent out to you at the appropriate time. Please note that Bursary applicants must still pay the Registration Fee in order to submit an application. Non-bursary applications can be submitted at any point in the year. Indicate by ticking one box below which type of place you are applying for.

Is the Applicant over 12 years old?

If the applicant is over 12 years old at the time of completing this application form they are required to provide consent for their personal data to be used for Admissions purposes.

I am over 12 years old and give permission for the High School of Dundee to contact my current School for a reference and to hold my personal data for the purposes of Admission to the School.


I / We, being the parent/parents of or being the person/persons having parental rights in respect of the applicant:-

  1. hereby apply for a place at the High School of Dundee, for the applicant to become a pupil at the School with effect from the Admission Date specified above;
  2. enclose a non-refundable application fee of £100 in respect of receipt and consideration of this application by the School;
  3. accept that this application is subject to the School’s admissions policy current as at the date of receipt of this application by the School as such policy is from time to time revised or amended;
  4. acknowledge that all applicants are required to undertake an entrance assessment;
  5. recognise that there is no obligation on the School to offer a place at the School for the applicant or to accept the applicant as a pupil of the School;
  6. authorise the applicant’s current school named above to a) disclose to the School information on the applicant (e.g. academic report and pupil profile), and where appropriate b) confirm to the School whether all fees in respect of the pupil have been paid to that current school, and authorise the School to disclose this application and authorisation to that current school;
  7. acknowledge that the information provided will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act and our Privacy Notice for School purposes and will not be passed to outside parties not identified therein.
  8. acknowledge that all adults with parental rights and responsibilities in respect of the child will be required to agree to the terms of the Parental Agreement whether or not such individuals have been party to this initial application.
  9. acknowledge that the School may process any personal data about us (or either of us) and our child, including sensitive personal data about our child (such as medical details), for the purposes of:
    1. administering its list of prospective pupils;
    2. its registration, selection and/or admission procedures, including as set out above; and
    3. communicating with the parents of prospective pupils about the School and generally managing relationships between the School and its prospective pupils.
  10. acknowledge that if we accept a place at the School, we have an obligation to ensure that tuition and other fees relating to the applicant are met.

If the School offers the applicant a place, then the offer shall be deemed to have been declined and refused if it is not accepted by me / us within the time stipulated in the offer.

I / We declare that the statements made on behalf of the applicant on this form are, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete.


After you have clicked on the Submit Application button and completed the payment of the registration fee, please email with details of the date your registration fee was paid together with a copy of your child’s latest school report and a copy of your child’s birth certificate.