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Pastoral care

At the High School of Dundee, we are privileged to have the opportunity to help develop, nurture, encourage and guide hundreds of young people each year through the crucial years of nursery, primary and secondary education. It is both a hugely exciting privilege and an invigorating challenge and responsibility.

Pastoral Care 

We make every effort to get to know each boy and girl as an individual. We strive to speak to our young people, listen to them, take them seriously and respect their needs. We make every effort to involve them, and ask them to develop a growing awareness of themselves as well-grounded, thoroughly educated and responsible members of society - whether local, national or global.

’From homework feedback and school events, all the way up to national exam results and international opportunities, you can clearly see just how much your children benefit from the tireless work and care provided by every teacher at the High School of Dundee, helping them grow at every stage of their academic development, broaden their horizons and achieve their ambitions.’

We place your child at the heart of everything we do, developing our pupils as individuals through our Integrated Curriculum, which balances the Academic, Co-curricular and Pastoral to ensure that our young people are happy, thriving and confident, with the skills to discover their passions and make the world a better place for those around them.

We make our pupils' wellbeing our top priority and our School Rules are there to keep your child safe. Integrated pastoral support, facilitated by a House System is woven into the fabric of everyday life at the School - from Nursery to the Junior Years, into the Senior Years and beyond school.  This ensures that when you begin at the High School of Dundee, you are stepping into a family atmosphere in which people look out for one another. And once you join that family our aspiration is that you have a lifetime membership!