The Junior Years

Partnership with Parents

We firmly believe that home and school should work closely together for the benefit of the child.

This depends on a good flow of information. There are regular letters and newsletters home, keeping parents up to date with events in the school. There are also arrangements in place for staff and parents to meet on several occasions throughout the school year.

Events and reports

Each September we hold an Information Evening for parents. The Head of Junior School gives a short talk, and parents have the opportunity to meet class teachers and hear about the programme for their child’s year group.  The evening finishes with an opportunity for parents and staff to chat informally. It is always a very good opportunity for new parents to mix socially with other parents.

In October, at Parents’ Evening, parents have an appointment time to talk in detail about their child with the class teacher.

In December we send out an Interim Report which focuses on the pupil’s attitude, behaviour and effort.

In March a further Parents’ Evening takes place.

In June parents receive the full report for their child.

Addressing any concerns

These are the timetabled occasions for parents and staff to communicate. Just as important, however, are the arrangements in place for parents and staff to talk about immediate concerns.  If we have any concerns about a child we will contact the parents directly and, likewise, we strongly encourage parents to speak to the school if they have concerns.  Teachers, Deputy Heads, and the Head of Junior School are always happy to speak in person to parents but ask that parents make an appointment to do so by telephoning the Junior Years Administrator.  Alternatively, the Deputy Head or Head are happy to speak with parents by phone.