L1 at HSD

P1 at HSD

Starting school is a major transition in a child’s life. It’s one of the most important stages in their education, so it’s natural that parents may have concerns or anxieties as their child approaches their P1 start date.

Will my child receive the attention they need in a large class? Will they be helped to settle and make friends?  Will my child’s abilities be nurtured? Will they be happy and safe?

It can be a daunting time. But at the High School of Dundee our goal is to help your child thrive right from day 1.

L1 at HSD

If you'd like to book a tour, or a taster day, or if you'd just like to have a chat with our Admissions Team about L1, it couldn't be easier.

Please just fill in your details using the form below and we'll get in touch with you to make arrangements as soon as we can.

To make sure your child’s school education gets off to the very best start, we offer:

    • A dedicated Transition Practitioner whose job is to help children make the crucial jump from any Nursey to L1 (P1) smoothly (watch our video on the Transition Practitioner below)

    • Small class sizes

    • A focus on the importance of learning the basics, but with an emphasis also on having fun and finding engaging ways to learn

    • A focus on wellbeing and pastoral support   

    • A comprehensive ‘preparing for school’ programme

    • Specialist teaching (PE and Music) and weekly library and computing classes

    • Learning support for those who require it

    • Before and after school care – no booking required

"Our daughter has made lots of friends and we’ve been able to see her confidence grow. We’ve really been able to see her develop and she’s happy – two things every parent wants for their children."
L1 Parent