SQA Results 2020

Congratulations to all of our 2020 SQA candidates who today have been receiving their results.

The High School of Dundee

With the traditional exams cancelled because of the Coronavirus pandemic, this year’s results have been based on teacher estimates and the pupils were rewarded for their hard work and effort in prelims and submitted coursework with a set of impressive results.

F5 (S5) pupils achieved an average of 4.4 Highers each, with 69% of passes graded A. The Higher pass rate was 97% and more than 1/3 of the year group gained a set of at least 5 A grades. 63% of the year group secured five or more Higher passes.

In F6 (S6), the Advanced Higher pass rate was 98%, with the pupils achieving an average of 1.8 passes each. In addition, 33% of F6 pupils achieved at least 2 A grades at Advanced Higher.

In the National 5 exams, F4 (S4) pupils secured an average of 7.4 passes each. 39% of the cohort achieved at least 8 A grades each, and 95% gained 5 or more N5 passes. Overall the pass rate was 98%, more than 3/4 of which (76%) were A grades.  

While the F4 and F5 candidates now look forward to returning to school on August 17th, the F6 pupils are preparing for the next stage in their lives. This year’s leavers are headed for universities across the UK to study subjects ranging from Aero-mechanical Engineering, Sport and Exercise Science and Accounting, to Medicine, Forensic Anthropology and Computer Science, as well as a range of other language, science, business and arts related subjects. Reflecting on the uncertainty caused by the global pandemic, some have also chosen to take gap years before taking on university places in 2021.

Rector, Lise Hudson, said, “I am delighted with this year’s SQA results. They reflect excellent teaching; hardworking, committed and engaged pupils; and a great deal of work behind the scenes from all members of the community. 

“In this year’s unique set of circumstances, the hard work, expertise and professionalism of our teachers ensured that every individual pupil’s achievements were reflected in the estimates submitted. The gathering and analysis of evidence to support the estimates was very demanding but crucial to this process.

“We are very proud of all of our pupils. They have responded brilliantly in very difficult and challenging circumstances. This year, more than any other has demonstrated that success at school is not all about achieving top grades, it’s about developing core values, a sense of real community and care for others and empowering each and every pupil to maximise their individual potential."

As a part of our Post-Exam Service to pupils and parents, senior members of staff, Guidance Teachers and Heads of Department are on hand to support and advise.