SQA exam results 2018

Pupils at the High School of Dundee have recorded an impressive set of SQA exam results

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High School of Dundee pupils are celebrating another superb set of SQA exam results.

This year the Fifth Years secured a record average of 4.5 Higher passes each, with 61% of Higher passes achieved at A grade. Quite remarkably, well over a quarter of the year group (28.1%) achieved 5 A grades at Higher and the overall Higher pass rate was another record; 96.8%. One of our pupils achieved at least the joint top mark in the country in Higher Maths, courtesy of a perfect score of 100%.

The Sixth Years have also performed well, with an Advanced Higher pass rate of 93.3%, with 51% gained at A grade. One of our pupils scored 100% in Advanced Higher Maths, therefore achieving at least the joint top mark in Scotland. In addition, five pupils achieved 4 A grades at Advanced Higher and 17.3% of the cohort secured at least 3 A grades at Advanced Higher. 

F6 pupils are now set to reap the rewards of their hard work through places at top universities across Scotland, and beyond. As with the leavers of previous years, the class of 2018 are headed for many of the UK's most respected universities, including Oxford, to study subjects including Law, Medicine, Maths, Engineering, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine and a wide range of languages, sciences, business and arts subjects. 

Lower down the school, the Fourth Years performed very well in National 5 exams, securing an average of 7.2 N5 passes each. The pass rate was 95.3%, 66% of which were A grades, and more than a quarter (27.1%) of the cohort achieved at least 8 A grades each.

Rector Dr John Halliday said, “We are immensely proud of our pupils and their achievements. Many of them achieve great things academically whilst also contributing to the local community, performing in music and drama at the highest level or representing their country at sport, for example. School is about much more than SQA results though these are crucial.

“We feel strongly that pupils should be appropriately challenged at all levels and so we continue with 8 subjects up to the end of 4th Year. This is so important for breadth as well as depth in Scottish education. Our results show that this view is entirely justified.

“Nurtured and inspired by our teachers, our pupils have worked hard for their success. What is especially pleasing though, is how well those who are not straight A candidates have done.

“Take N5 English in 4th Year for example, where the pass rate was 98%, and of the 107 candidates, 82 achieved an A. Similarly in 4th Year Sciences, of the 179 papers sat in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, the pass rate was an incredible 98.3%. We are delighted to see these results! Not everyone can get an A, and schools are not ultimately about results, rather to ensure everyone can be the best they can be.”

Senior members of staff are on hand at the school all week for any pupils looking for advice and guidance following the results.