Schools power up to boost charity collection

A pair of Dundee schools have joined forces to power up a collection for a very good cause.

Pupils at the High School of Dundee are donating to Get Well Gamers

Brought together by a desire to help children in hospital with long term illnesses, pupils from the High School of Dundee and Grove Academy are donating video games, consoles and accessories to the charity ‘Get Well Gamers’.

With video games an effective and proven pain management tool, providing much-needed entertainment for young people during long hospital stays or in circumstances in which recreational activities can be beneficial, the organisation collects and distributes games and consoles which are no longer needed to more than 100 hospitals and organisations.

At the High School, the project was launched by the pupil-led Interact Committee and Music teacher Elaine Stevenson has helped the group organise their collection, in which the Nursery is also taking part. Elaine hopes that between them, the two schools can provide a very welcome boost to the charity and sick children this Christmas.

She said, “I’ve been over-whelmed by the generosity of our pupils and thanks to them we have a very impressive collection.

“Get Well Gamers is currently linked up with over 100 hospitals and organisations across the UK and I am thrilled that we are able to give such strong support to sick children in our local area.”

The final day for contributions to the High School’s collection is tomorrow (Friday 6 December). If you would like to make a donation, please take your items to Mrs Stevenson in Music, Miss Douglas in History, or alternatively there is a collection point at the Nursery at Mayfield.