School marks Remembrance

The High School of Dundee is again marking Remembrance with a striking tribute to those who served and those who fell in the Great War.  

The High School of Dundee is marking Remembrance with a striking tribute

As Armistice Day approaches, the School Pillars have been decorated with two, 3-metre wide wreaths which have been made out of handmade poppies. 

The wreaths – which were designed by Head of Art, Adam Kerr, and made by pupils – honour not only those who gave their lives in the conflict, but also 84 High School of Dundee former pupils and staff whose names will shortly be added to the School’s WW1 War Memorial, having been missed from the original Roll of Honour. 

The symbolic flowers in the display have been made from jute, the material which was used within Dundee mills to manufacture the sandbags which lined the Allied trenches of the Western Front. 

Following on from last year’s Centenary Armistice, in order to raise money for the charity Poppy Scotland, the School is again making identical jute poppies available for sale. You can buy them in reception or on the School website.

The School’s annual Remembrance Parade takes place at 10.50am on Friday 8th November, and as always, members of the school community are very welcome to come along and watch.

In addition, the Main Building will again be lit up red over Remembrance Weekend.