Pupils get Their Hands on History

F1 history pupils were treated to an exciting lesson in which they were able to get their (gloved!) hands on some real historical documents!

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Erin Farley from the Local History Department in Dundee’s Central Library visited the pupils in class to help them understand how to use archival material.

The special lesson was organised to assist the pupils’ understanding of Dundee’s response to an outbreak of Cholera in the 1830s, and, as a result, the young historians were able to scope out authentic records, including a book that shows how much the city spent on soup kitchens and whitewashing.

The pupils were then able to apply their new-found knowledge in writing a report summarising Dundee’s response to the disease.

They took particular interest in comparing Dundee’s situation in the 1830s to the current pandemic, spotting several similarities.

Student history teacher David MacDonald said, “The pupils really enjoyed the experience and being able to interact with the sources. A few of them were shocked that a couple of the sources were around 140 years old!”

Fascinating stuff!