Pupils embark on Mission to Mars

Since August, pupils in F1 and F2 have been working on a special mission – a Mission to Mars!

Pupils embark on Mission to Mars

A brand-new STEM Innovation course at HSD has pulled together learning from across the sciences, engineering, computing and maths to equip the pupils with the knowledge to research and develop their own mission to the Red Planet!

Throughout the school year, the pupils embarked upon scientific research, experimental work and design challenges, working in teams of four and assuming responsibility for a new role in every section of the course; including a Project Manager, Data Scientist, Chief Technical Engineer and Chief Science Editor. 

The learning was organised into four key focus areas; The Case for Mars, Exploring Mars, Living on Mars and Mars Mission Enterprise, which the pupils completed by recording and sharing their team’s efforts in their digital log-books.

Calling on the Business Education department to help develop their Enterprise skills, the pupils then synthesised their team’s business development and human resource management strategies in order to pitch their mission ideas to potential funders. 

Nicola Kiernan, Head of Chemistry and STEM Co-ordinator at the School, said, “The course is intended to deliver a creative curriculum that sparks imaginations, whilst harnessing the pupils’ curiosity towards the development of key problem-solving skills.

“Our aim is to provide a unique learning opportunity that will help to inspire pupils to be prepared to embrace and adapt to the far-reaching and exciting STEM challenges of tomorrow!”