HSD Pupils' ice-cream goes into production!

F1 Enterprise pupils are licking their lips in anticipation – as they’re very own ice-cream flavours go into production!

HSD Pupils' ice-cream goes into production!

During the spring term, Owen Hazel of Jannettas Gelateria visited the pupils to set them a creative product development challenge: to create new and exciting ice cream flavours for the business, keeping in mind key considerations such as marketing, food trends and provenance.

The pupils quickly set to work, building their presentation skills, confidence, and creativity as they developed persuasive business pitches to show how their flavours would be viable propositions.

And on Friday, they had the chance to convince Owen. And convince him they did!

The original plan was to choose one winning flavour, but Owen and the panel were so impressed by the flavours that they wanted to try all of them for real!  Therefore, all 5 flavours will be made by Jannettas over the course of the coming months, with the first flavours making their appearance at the upcoming We Will Rock You family festival to allow the whole community to have a taste.

The delicious flavours are: Toast and Marmalade; Tiramisu; Blueberry and Heather Honey; Blackberry and Apple Crumble; Tunnocks Teacake.

Well done pupils and thank you to Jannettas – we can’t wait to taste the ice-cream!