Far From Rome: Ancient Soldier Visits HSD Pupils

L4 pupils at the High School of Dundee were treated to a very unique lesson this week after a strange visitor was seen ‘Roman’ the halls of our Margaret Harris building.

A Roman soldier with L4 pupils.

The fully armoured legionnaire – also known as Head of Classics Edmund Faulkes, who is part of Roman re-enactment group the Antonine Guard – visited our pupils to help them conquer their class project on Ancient Rome.  

The fearsome visitor carried a shield, sword and dagger, however, luckily, he didn’t come to do battle.  

Instead, he answered question after question about the great empire – giving pupils an excellent chance to learn about the differences between Roman society and our own.  

Topics included ancient weapons, battle tactics, pets and travel, with some thought-provoking and insightful questions being asked by our youngsters.