F1 & F2 Action on the Arts Days!

Mayfield was buzzing with creative activity at the end of last week as pupils in F1 and F2 took part in a special Action on the Arts Days!

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The sun was shining as the Drama, English, Art and Music departments joined forces to create unique day-long events for both year groups, featuring workshops, performances and no small measure of fun!

Within their school house groups, the pupils took part in sessions on drama, drumming, mask making and – via guidance from choreographer Kenny Christie - dance, with the Form 1 theme centring around Romeo and Juliet, and the Form 2 event inspired by the theme of Brazilian Carnival.

At the end of the days, the pupils gave energetic performances which brought together what they’d learned and produced in their workshops, with house points up for grabs for the best routines.

In keeping with the theme of their event, pupils in F2 also enjoyed a demonstration of Brazilian Capoeira and Samba by Miriele Schumacher and a group from Kirkcaldy, as well as learning some Portuguese. And with burgers – kindly donated by Lean and Greens - and ice cream on offer across the two days, there was a real festival feel to the occasion!

Head of Drama Lindsay Drummond and Head of English Mandy Tevendale, said of the cross-curricular spectacle, “The pupils loved being outside, working together and being with their friends. The whole idea was to give them a chance to have some fun and to enjoy a real sense of community, while at the same time learning some new skills and stepping outside their comfort zones. 

“We loved seeing them having such a lovely time in the great outdoors and taking action to help to support the arts.”

For more photos of the day, check out our gallery.