Posted: Tuesday 8 August 2017

SQA exam results 2017

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High School of Dundee pupils are celebrating another record-breaking set of SQA exam results.

This year S6 pupils attained a remarkable pass rate of 95.5% at Advanced Higher, with 63% passed at A grade, a school record. Almost a quarter of the year group (23.5%) secured at least 3 A grades at Advanced Higher, another record, with 7 pupils achieving 4 As.

With the Advanced Higher qualification having grown in importance in recent years to become the most highly regarded Scottish award internationally, Rector Dr John Halliday was delighted with the results, and what they mean for this year's S6 year group.

"Every single one of our pupils who applied to university has received an offer, including all 15 of our medical applicants, a remarkable achievement," he said.

"Our three pupils who had Oxbridge offers have also secured the grades they needed."

As they get set to continue their school studies, this year's S4 year group can also look forwards with confidence after achieving a record N5 pass rate of 96.3%, with an impressive 72% passed at A grade.

Just under a third of the cohort (32.8%) attained 8 straight As, compared to 30% last year; half the year group achieved at least 7 As, and two thirds at least 6 As; and overall, equalling last year's results, S4 candidates attained an average of 7.4 Higher or National 5 passes each.

Dr Halliday said, "We feel strongly that pupils should be challenged at this level and so we continue with 8 subjects up to the end of 4th Year. This is so important for breadth as well as depth in Scottish education. Our results show that this view is entirely justified."

In 5th Year, High School candidates achieved an average of more than 4 Higher passes each. The year group scored a Higher pass rate of 93%, with 53% of those passes graded A, and over a fifth of the cohort secured a set of at least 5 A grades at Higher, with two gaining 6 As.

"It is very gratifying to see how well our young people have done," said Dr Halliday. "Nurtured and inspired by our teachers they have worked hard for their success. 

"We are of course proud of our high achievers, but what is remarkable, and very pleasing, is how well those who are not straight A candidates have done.

"Take N5 English in 4th Year for example, where the pass rate was 99.2%, and of the 125 candidates 97 achieved an A. Similarly in 4th Year Science, of the 240 papers sat in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, the pass rate was 97.5%. We are so chuffed about that! Not everyone can get an A, but everyone can be the best they can be."

He added, "Schools are about preparation for the future and this group can face the future with confidence."

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