Posted: Tuesday 27 September 2011

High School of Dundee Former Pupil Association - Inaugural Meeting

History will be made on 31 October 2011 when, on the 152nd anniversary of the Royal Charter granting the name of the High School of Dundee, a meeting will be held in school to form the new Former Pupil Association. The purpose of the Association will be to “promote friendship and association amongst the Former Pupils of the High School of Dundee, to maintain contact between past and present pupils as well as staff and to further and secure the best interests of the School at all times.”

Up to now school leavers, former pupils and staff have joined either the Old Boys’ Club or the Old Girls’ Club respectively. These two bodies will of course continue, but from the summer of 2012, unless they wish to opt out, all school leavers will become members of the new all-encompassing Former Pupil Association.

The two existing Clubs will also automatically become a part of the new Association and will be able to continue organising their respective activities as before. However, the FP Association, with its own office bearers and committee, will oversee and organise many more activities for former pupils of all generations and in a range of locations and venues in the spirit of fun and friendship in a way that has not been done before.

All former pupils and staff and former staff who have spent at least one session at the school will be invited to attend the inaugural meeting on 31 October 2011 to ratify the constitution and elect the inaugural office bearers.  All those who love the school and who want to be involved are most welcome.

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