Lost Souls 1950 - 1953

The follow list gives the names of former pupils with whom we have lost contact. Individuals are listed by class year, then alphabetically.


First Name Middle Name Surname Maiden Name
David Miller Bowman
Ian Robert Harvey  
Joan Margaret Hutchison Walker Wood
Anne Wilson Haslock


First Name Middle Name Surname Maiden Name
Yvonne Dickson
James Gray
Doreen Ogilvie
Alastair T Robertson  
Elizabeth M Robertson  


First Name Middle Name Surname Maiden Name
William   Anderson  
Joyce M M Archer  
James A Ballantyne  
Herbert  J G Beats  
William  I K Bisset  
Vera A Chick Stout
Mona A Clark Mars
James A Crawford  
Marjorie  K M Dick  
Barbara M Donald  
Margaret   Douglas  
Michael G Dow  
James   Fleming  
Gordon M Fothergill  
David  P G Fyffe  
Mary M J Gibb
Kenneth M Gibbs
George  P W Grieve  
Peter A Grover  
David  L B Hilton  
Shirley  A Hudson  
Isobel L Kidd
Freda M Lewis Nelson
Patricia Anne Lumsden
Isobelle   Macfarlane  
Constance  R J Macknight  
Christine A Main  
Joan S Mccrae
Michael S Mccrum  
Fiona J Milne
Bruce A Morgan  
Sheila P Neilson  
Edith J Ovenstone  
Elizabeth G Paton  
Helen  M P Peattie  
Marjory   Peden  
Iain  Francis Philip  
Peter   Plowright  
Michael A Robertson  
Margaret Anne Ross Anderson
Doreen M Scott Neave
Fiona  H B Taggart  
Patricia A H Todd
Joyce L Tosh
June V Wadsworth  
Malcolm  D M Walker  
Margaret C Wallace  
William G Watson  
Morven E Winton
Violet J W Wood