William, L1

I arrive at school at about half past eight.  Mummy takes me to the door and I am met by Mrs Stewart.  I have a look at the menu so I know what is for lunch, and then I hang up my coat and play with my friend David in the classroom until we start school.

Today we are learning a new word, "couldn't", and Mrs Mooney talked to us about apostrophes.  Next we do colouring in with the letter "q", and then we listen to stories.  My group goes up to read with Mrs Mooney.  We are starting a new story about Kipper's Shoelaces.  We practise reading every morning at school.

At snack time, I have some fruit and juice.  Today I have grapes with me.  After snack, we play outside.  Some of the big boys and girls in L7 are our playground pals, and they play games with us.  Then our teacher comes to collect us, and we do sums.  Today we are practising sums with the number four.  We do sums every day.  After sums we get changed for PE, and I have to put on my shorts, my polo shirt and my gym shoes.  Mrs McKenzie puts us in teams and we run races for bouncing a ball, stepping through a hoop, and walking along a bench.

Sometimes before lunch we play in the activity room, where we can dress up.  My favourite is playing in the shop.  Then we climb the big stairs to the lunch hall.  Today I am having chicken casserole with potatoes and vegetables.  Sometimes for pudding I have fruit, but it is cold today, so I have apple pudding and custard before I go outside to play.

Today after lunch we do Art.  I have to put on my painting overalls to keep me clean.  I am doing a picture of a fish.  We do exciting things in the afternoon, like drama and craft, but art is my favourite.

School finishes at ten past three.  One day a week I go to fitness club after school, but on most days Mrs Mooney takes me out to the playground where I meet mummy and go home.  I have a snack and later I do my homework with daddy, who helps me with my reading and my sums.

I am looking forward to our nativity play next week.

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