Rachel, F3

Each morning starts with registration, where our group teacher reads us the daily bulletin, and we catch up on notices and announcements.  This morning, I have Art first - our class is just finishing a project about buildings, and I'm working on an abstract building in clay.  It's based on a lot of the preparation we did earlier in the unit, and I'm trying to use this piece to reflect the work of artists we've studied, including Klee and Monet.  Working in clay is great fun - it's a chance to get stuck in to what we're doing!

After Art, we have Physics - there's an awful lot to take in, and now we're in Form 3 we have to work hard to keep up, but the teachers make sure you get the help you need.

It has been a long morning, so at breaktime I head to the library to meet friends, and we flick through some magazines together.

We have more lessons before lunch.  During Classics we get given more information about the class trip to Italy - I'm really looking forward to it!

From Form 3, we are allowed to go into town at lunchtime.  We have our favourite sandwich shop close by, so it's always a rush to try and beat the queue.  This afternoon we have PE, so we hop on the bus up to the sports field.  I stay on for hockey practice after school for an hour, and then I catch a public bus home in time for dinner, and give my parents the forms for the Classics trip.

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