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Choice is paramount

We want our young people to be able to make decisions about their future based on their interests, talents and ambitions.

We follow the Scottish examination system and we offer a truly broad range of subjects:

23 subjects are available at National 5 level

25 subjects are available at Higher level

23 subjects are available at Advanced Higher level

Senior robotics course boys

We strive to open up options instead of closing them off. We want our pupils to be free from the limitations which can be imposed by fixing a maximum number of subjects which can be taken or from following rigid timetable columns.

For instance:

Instead of selecting five or six subjects, our Form 3 (S3) pupils continue to choose eight subjects

Pupils can choose to take all three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) concurrently from N5 through to Advanced Higher level

In 2023/24, when subject choices were received:



S5 & S6

No. of Pupils




No. of unique subject combinations




%age of 1st choices met

0 %
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Have a look at our curriculum booklets

And there’s more…

High Performance Sport

We also offer a unique High Performance Sport programme which aims to enhance and develop talented athletes during timetabled sessions to allow them to reach their full sporting potential.

The School also offers Foundation Apprenticeships. These are a work-based, 2-year learning opportunity for secondary school pupils, and are typically begun in S5. Young people spend time out of school at Dundee & Angus College or with a local employer, and complete the Foundation Apprenticeship alongside their other subjects. Subjects are linked to growth sectors of the Scottish economy, so young people are obtaining industry-relevant experience.

All pupils in S1-6 have PSHE – a key component of our wider Pastoral Care system – timetabled for one period per week. The programme, which includes careers education is primarily delivered by the Guidance team and aims to ensure that pupils are prepared to face the varied challenges which they will meet as individuals in modern society. For more information, please see our Health & Wellbeing section

Pupils are timetabled for Physical Education and Games at the School’s sports facilities at Mayfield throughout their time in the Senior Years. The overriding aim is to enable pupils to reach their physical potential while also developing a positive attitude to physical activity that will last a lifetime.

Sitting alongside the academic curriculum is our extensive co-curriculum which offers our pupils the chance to pursue their current interests and talents and find and explore new ones too.

Trips play an important role in the Senior Years. Pupils have the chance to take part in trips to local, national and international attractions and destinations both as part of their curricular studies, and as part of their co-curricular activities.

In Forms 1 and 2, pupils study English, Mathematics, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Geography, History, Health and Food Technology, Music, Drama, Physics and Technology, together with a module in Enterprise and Innovation. 

In F1, pupils choose any two languages from French, Latin, German, Mandarin and Spanish (or one language plus Support for Learning). Pupils also study PSHE and PE & Games.

And in 2023/24, pupils in S2 are completing a Robotics course. This is unique within Scotland and the UK, in timetabling Robotics within scheduled lessons.

For details of subjects and the curriculum in F3-F6, please see our individual curriculum booklets above.

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