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Form 6

Where opportunity continues

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Form 6 is designed to provide a smooth link between school and a pupil’s next steps on the one hand and the opportunity to develop responsibility and leadership on the other.

A pupil’s final year at HSD is an opportunity to grow in maturity and self-awareness and consolidate their personal and academic development. 

There are a whole host of opportunities specifically for our F6 pupils to embrace, and as they continue to dive into the co-curriculum, the chance to pursue already-established interests and passions and discover new ones carries on.


In Form 6, pupils normally sit Advanced Highers but have the option to study a mixture of Highers, Advanced Highers and other qualifications as well. In all, 23 subjects are available at Advanced Higher level. 

For some university degrees, an Advanced Higher may be required for entry and having access to – for example – dedicated Advanced Higher laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics – allows our pupils to pursue a level of work that bridges school and university levels.

The academic curriculum moves on to a higher level but there is increased flexibility, personal choice and autonomy. This allows pupils to pursue an individual course of those academic studies which will be of greatest benefit in their chosen path. 

This year is also an opportunity to develop personally, through co-curricular activities, a structured programme of enrichment activities, and voluntary and charitable work. 

A programme of service to the School is also in operation, including activities such as paired reading with younger pupils, helping with games coaching and assisting with the Junior Years. Form 6 pupils also have the opportunity to develop responsibility and teamwork by adopting roles as prefects or house officials.

Careers guidance

Form 6 is very much the culmination of a pupil’s school journey and the beginning of their next steps beyond school.

From a careers perspective the main event in Form 6 is the UCAS application, if the pupil chooses to go to university, and pupils are given full support with their application.  

Prior to Form 6, pupils will have done Unifrog profiling from Form 2 (S2) onwards, a careers interview in F4, and will have begun the UCAS process at the end of form 5. During PSHE they will have taken part in various careers linked lessons from Form 2 onwards. 

In F6, and F5, a lecture series delivered within the PSHE programme gives pupils the chance to gain first-hand insight into a range of career paths. A number of guest speakers come in to school to talk to the pupils about their professions, as well as some of the issues which are impacting careers at the moment.

Lectures in the series have covered games development, artificial intelligence, property development, careers beyond school, and motor racing, ensuring the pupils have the chance to learn more about a real mix of vocations.

Likewise, an annual Futures Breakfast (which pupils help to organise) allows senior pupils to meet and hear from practitioners working in vocations in which they have expressed an interest.

Not a one-size-fits-all approach

The ultimate goal at the end of F6 is not just university. Yes, it’s important for many and we are proud of our exam results which open doors. But in recent years, increasingly the school is seeing pupils looking to enter employment directly, pursue experience and skills-enhancing gap years, or seek out apprenticeships in rapidly developing areas of work.

Whatever a young person’s goals might be, we do everything we can to make sure they can achieve them. It’s never a one-size-fits-all outcome – it’s about nurturing young people to pursue what they are passionate about, what they enjoy and what’s right for them.

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