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Learning Skills

Support for Learning

Our Support for Learning (SfL) Team is committed to the provision of appropriate and effective support for all pupils who have an additional support need, to enable them to enjoy and achieve in their education.

For some pupils, this may be short-term support to overcome a specific barrier to their learning, whilst others may require ongoing support throughout their school career. In school you will hear our pupils and staff refer to our department as the ‘Learning Skills’ Department. 

SfL staff work closely with the School Leadership Team and class teachers across Junior Years. The department also works in partnership with parents and pupils. Parents are always consulted before a child begins Learning Skills support and all pupils that receive timetabled support in the department have an individual Pupil Profile and Learning Plan which is collaboratively evaluated. 

Types Of Support

In the Junior Years, the key focus of Learning Skills support is to reinforce literacy skills. All support programmes focus on using multi-sensory activities to reinforce learning. Children may be invited to attend the department to receive small group support with phonics, spelling, reading and comprehension. The amount and type of support a child receives will vary depending on their individual needs. We also provide social and emotional support to individual pupils. Learning Skills teachers may also provide in-class support with writing and comprehension for targeted pupils.

JY working away . Junior pupils at desks working and writing.

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