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A specialist music school in all but name!

If your child is interested in music, we can help them hit the high notes.

Our music department, and the musical opportunities which are available to our pupils, are something we really want to make some (harmonious!) noise about!

A unique set-up

We have a Director of Music, 2 class music teachers, 6 full-time permanent music instructors, 2 part-time permanent music instructors, and 8 visiting music instructors (5 of whom are here 3 days or more per week).  

We are unique in mainstream schools in Scotland in having this many full-time permanent music instructors, and it has a hugely beneficial impact on what we can offer our young people. 

Opportunities abound!

All pupils from the Nursery to F2 receive one music class per week from a specialist music teacher in which they learn how to read, compose, listen to and perform music on instruments.

More than 430 individual lessons take place each week, covering instruments including piano, all orchestral instruments, singing, guitars, bagpipes, pipe-band drumming, clàrsach and more.

Once they have begun playing an instrument, pupils in L4 upwards have the chance to join a huge number of music ensembles. We have 5 choirs covering all year groups from P4-F6 and a Symphony Orchestra capable of performing complete symphonies by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. There are training wind bands and orchestras, string ensembles, a jazz band, and ensembles for guitars, clàrsachs, and various chamber groupings.

High School of Dundee orchestra
Snr pupil is delighted to be playing piano in Trinity with arms in the air


Our pupils take advantage of multiple chances to perform in concerts and on the stage throughout the year. And we do mean multiple!

We have 85 concerts or events each year at which pupils perform, some involving up to 350 pupils, and 25 of which take place at external venues across Scotland. These include our major Winter and Spring Concerts at the Caird Hall, and performances at St Paul’s Cathedral, Dundee.

From Piano Festivals to Performance Platforms and atmospheric Christmas services, our pupils have lots of chances to take to the stage and inspire us!

Our World Championship-winning Pipe Band

One of our most popular musical groups is the High School of Dundee Pipe Band. Our Pipes and Drums have enjoyed great success, having achieved the remarkable feat in 2022 of being crowned, World, European and British Champions.

The Pipe Band regularly performs at school events and public events and celebrations too, such as the Dundee University graduation ceremonies.

a picture of the HSD's pipe brand champions celebrations
Senior Years Musical Maestros Shine. Pupil playing saxophone on stage with staff member playing piano.

Recognition and success

Our young musicians regularly enjoy success in competitions such as the Rotary Young Musician competition, and in the Leng Medal Dundee schools annual singing contest.


Each term, our pupils have the chance to sit ABRSM exams, and our talented vocalists and instrumentalists regularly achieve selection for national choirs and orchestras, including NYCOS and NYOS.  

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