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Our Senior Years

Thriving in today's world and tommorow's

Our Senior Years provide each of our pupils with:

Choice: a vast range of subjects and a huge co-curriculum creates an unrivalled opportunity to discover new passions, interests and skills, and enhance existing ones

A nurturing, safe and supportive environment which allows the focus to be on learning

The chance to excel in exams, built upon a long track record of outstanding results 

An extensive pastoral care system that recognises the many challenges young people face today

A school where friendships are made for life; where young people thrive as they grow and, with our help, discover who they are and embark with confidence on the exciting journey to where they want to be

We adopt an innovative mindset for the benefit of our pupils, looking ahead to ensure they are equipped with the skills they will need to thrive now and in tomorrow’s world.

SENIOR Chemistry robotics donation. Pupils. Pupils in chemistry classroom leaning over desk with electronics on table, looking cheerful and happy.

An environment that fosters learning and progression

Our Senior Years equip our pupils with the skills, experience and qualifications on which to base future study or careers. 

Within the classroom we have small class sizes, ensuring our young people get the attention they need in an environment which allows learning to be the focus. A wide range of subjects are offered, ensuring that pupils can follow their interests whilst gaining a genuinely broad education. 

There are Innovation, Enterprise, and STEM Skills courses which allow pupils the chance to work on real-world projects with local businesses. We are the only school that includes this timetabled into our formal curriculum for all S1 and S2. We benefit from specialist staff, state-of-the-art labs, equipment, and a focus on digital skills.

Pupils have the opportunity to take part in a huge range of co-curricular activities, while regular trips and the chance to take part in exciting expeditions offer challenges and inspiration.


It’s an equal priority to us that our young people leave us as happy, confident and well-rounded individuals.

The Pastoral Care & Support team work together with the academic departments and those leading the co-curricular activities to ensure the structured personal development of each pupil, and a highly co-ordinated system of pastoral care places the welfare of each pupil at the heart of what we do. 

There’s more?

The classroom experience is enhanced by the adoption of the latest technology, which means the use of iPads is part of everyday learning and teaching in F1-F6 (S1-S6) in the Senior Years.

Increasing emphasis is given to careers advice and preparing for life after school as pupils progress through the Senior Years. Ultimately, around 95% of leavers move on to Higher Education across the UK and beyond. Whatever their goal though – whether it be to enter employment directly, pursue experience and skills-enhancing gap years, or seek out apprenticeships in rapidly developing areas of work – enabling our young people to achieve it is our overriding aim.

It’s never a one-size-fits-all outcome – it’s about nurturing our pupils to pursue what they are passionate about, what they enjoy and what’s right for them.

As our pupils move through the Senior Years, new opportunities for personal development emerge. They can take on positions of responsibility – they can become part of the senior prefect team, they can get involved with paired reading in the Junior Years, they can even start their own co-curricular clubs.   

Our House system is important right throughout the Junior Years, but in the Senior Years it all culminates in the House Shield competition. Being part of your House creates a real feeling of warmth, belonging and togetherness for our pupils.

The perfect environment for school life. 

Pupil sits in front of computer in computing lab showing his calculations on the screen

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