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Why Choose HSD?

Ready for the real world

Why should I choose the High School of Dundee (HSD) for my child? It’s a natural question to ask.

When your child joins HSD they are welcomed into an inspiring environment which seeks to produce exceptional, real world-ready pupils. 

Our school was founded in 1239 and we’re very proud of our history and traditions. But we’re a forward-looking school and our whole approach is built on a profound belief that if young people are valued, supported, known, and engaged in their learning, they can achieve amazing things.

Our track record of exceptional exam results comes from a rigorous approach, expertise built up over many years and the focused learning that small class sizes and the dedication of our inspiring teachers combine to provide.

Home Page kids running. Young pupils running looking cheerful on play ground court yard running.
Senior robotics course boys

Subject choice in the Senior Years (S1-S6) is paramount. In S3 our pupils continue to be able to choose eight subjects, while in S5 they can select from 25 subjects at Higher level. At Advanced Higher, 23 subjects are available.

In our Junior Years (P1-P7), we are proud of shaping happy young learners who – through nurturing care and positive challenging – are truly able and ready to thrive! Every day, the children spend time working on the crucial building blocks of literacy and numeracy and every week the School’s Secondary teachers deliver lessons in key areas in the Junior Years too.

Emotional intelligence is a crucial capacity in the world in which our young people are growing up and we believe passionately in the central importance of the pastoral dimension. Getting pastoral care and well-being right enables our pupils to flourish, allowing them to develop the confidence and resilience to discover who they are and excel.

A vast co-curriculum – around 80 activities extending right through the Junior and Senior Years – means the opportunity to discover new talents and interests extends far beyond the classroom.

An innovative Sports Development programme provides talented sports stars with the expert coaching and all-round guidance they need to reach the next level, while performance opportunities abound in Music and Drama.

Our unique location in the heart of the city helps our pupils feel connected to the real world, creating fully rounded and grounded young people. And ours is a friendly, welcoming environment.

But we are committed to ensuring our pupils will thrive in the real world. The timetabling of exciting new interdisciplinary STEM Innovation and Business Enterprise courses, in addition to computer science for all, has embedded Future Skills into our curriculum. With ground-breaking robotics courses, and a new lecture series allowing pupils to hear from practitioners and experts in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Engineering and Games Development, HSD is an exciting place to be!

JUNIOR AND SENIOR STRINGS . Junior pupils string orchestra playing Cello and Violin, while reading music notes.

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