Junior School

IMG 7307The Junior School offers primary level education for children between the ages of 5-11.  The programme in our Junior School provides our pupils with the skills and experiences that will form the foundation for their future learning, and begin the process of helping each child to achieve his or her full potential during their years at school. 

We recognise the importance of each child being happy and successful in school.  To this end we have an extensive system for pastoral care of the child, ensuring each child is secure and confident both in and out of the classroom.  We recognise too that each child is an individual, with their own unique talents and personality.  We get to know each one as an individual, nurturing their strengths and helping develop other areas to allow them to reach their full potential.

Class sizes

In order to know children as individuals and give them the individual attention they require, we believe that class sizes should be small.  In L1 & L2 numbers are capped at 20 and from L3 to L7, class sizes are capped at 25. 


We believe that a school is built on people.  We are fortunate to have a very dedicated team of class teachers, who provide the main focus for each child.  In addition, the Junior School staff includes a specialist ICT teacher, a Principal teacher, two Deputy Heads and a Head of Junior School.  All of these join the teaching complement.  There are also four Classroom Assistants who give very valuable support in classrooms, organising and supervising practical activities or giving extra individual support to children who are experiencing difficulties.


The Junior School is housed in the Margaret Harris building, a beautiful building dating from the late 19th Century.  The traditional exterior and grand entrance hall with marble columns and stained glass windows belies the modern classrooms, many of which are equipped with interactive whiteboards.  In the last few years there has been an extensive programme of refurbishment of classrooms to ensure that they are equipped for modern teaching.

The Junior School also has access to a modern ICT suite, a well stocked library and the extensive sports facilities at Mayfield for pupils in L4 and upwards.


Pupils in the Junior School use the main playground at morning interval and at lunchtime.  Breaks for Senior pupils are arranged for different times, to ensure that Junior pupils have exclusive use of this area.  The playground is supervised by our classroom assistants, and L7 pupils are also trained as ‘Playground Pals’, helping and playing with the younger pupils.  We realise that the playground can be daunting for some pupils and we take every care to ensure that our children are happy at play.

Lunch Halls

L1-3 have lunch in the dining room in the Margaret Harris building.  Around two-thirds of pupils have a school lunch, while the others bring their own packed lunch.  Three members of staff are on duty each lunch time to supervise and help the pupils.

L4 – 7 have lunch in the main cafeteria.  They are escorted to and from the cafeteria by members of staff and supervised by them while eating lunch.  There is a big choice of food on offer.  Again, some pupils bring their own packed lunch.