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A theatre at the heart of our community, a place in which to learn, to explore, to educate. A place in which we, as Arts mentors, can work together to help inspire future generations. What an amazing gift the new centre will be!

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Drama as a discipline is thousands of years old; it is one of our most ancient forms of storytelling, and remains a crucial way of bringing people together in a community. It is vital in nurturing the part of our brain that needs to be engaged in a creative capacity. 

A powerful means of raising personal and collective self-esteem, Drama is an area of education where everyone can be given the chance to achieve on an equal footing. 

Through meaningful engagement of themes and issues, you can acquire the skill of placing yourself in different situations through drama, and can express feelings and opinions in the role of 'being someone else'. Creative drama is a natural learning tool which increases the motivation to learn whilst also contributing to spiritual and academic development. 

Participation in physical theatre, dance drama, script writing, performance analysis, role play, theatre technology, design and acting all contribute towards a higher level of story understanding (oral and written), reading, listening, research skills, readiness, and physical / mental wellbeing. Drama has an end product, and whatever role you have within it there is a feeling of personal and collective achievement when you have played your part. 

"Drama has given me vital communication skills, through both acting and written work. It has also allowed me to work outwith a typical classroom environment, which is a great way of learning. I hope that the new building will provide inspiring places to perform. A place to communicate creatively to future audiences."

Nathan K. Moorjani, former Drama pupil

At present, we only have one fully resourced Drama space, in terms of all the technical areas: lighting rig, sound, a black box space. This proves difficult with our course requirements, which include teaching how to use sound and lighting, since often timetabling logistics mean that two classes are scheduled simultaneously. We also have no wet room facilities for set design, which is a big part of our courses.

Geographical location is really important. The Drama department is currently on the other side of the school site from Art and Music, its two major interdisciplinary colleagues. The new centre will solve all of these problems. It will more than double our space, giving us a black box theatre as a main teaching space, a white box studio for dance and other classes, and of course the main Auditorium. Both the Junior and Senior School will be able to stage more productions, and due to the proximity of other creative departments we will further develop our musical theatre, set design, and prop & costume making. 

Lindsay Drummond

Mrs. Lindsay M. Drummond, Head of Drama